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Roger Newton with the U-5 Formula Hydroplane

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Please be patient with orders placed at this time. Turn around time for orders is 2-3 weeks due to several factors including scarcity of paper. Due to lasting results from covid, there are issues in getting the correct paper to print Newton Marine's plans. There is a shortage currently on the light transfer paper that is used for the prints. Newton Marine is working on solutions for this, but because of this there will be delays in getting orders out. We apologize for any delays. Please email me if you have any questions about your order at: newtonmarine@gmail.com.

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It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the launching of the latest edition for Newton Marine, Newton Marine the Blog! (Official website for blog:newtonmarine.blogspot.com ) I plan to add new posts frequently, so make sure to check back and see the latest and greatest with Newton Marine. Giving the most back to the radio controlled hobby and community that I love is my goal. This blog is just one more step towards my goal. I encourage people with questions or comments regarding Newton Marine or anything boat related to share here or to my email, newtonmarine@gmail.com. - David Newton, Newton Marine

Welcome to Newton Marine!  We are please to offer the Best source
of 1/8 Scale Hydroplane Plans! The following boats are not true scale hydros, but are very close and only a few modifications have been made to allow the boat to perform better for model use such as changing the width of the tunnel and sponsons up to the allowable 10%. Before beginning construction, if you plan on competing, it would be wise to check your area NAMBA, APBA, or IMPBA representative to find out if it is necessary to register the boat as some districts only allow one version of each particular boat. A complete set of drawings consists of the following:
Sheet #1 Three (3) view drawing showing complete paint scheme, cowl detail, etc.
Sheet #2 Three (3) view drawing showing bulkhead location, stringer location, etc.
Sheet #3 Full size bulkhead layout.

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Email: newtonmarine@gmail.com